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All Natural Ways to Treat High Cholesterol

High level of cholesterol in the blood is one of the main causes of heart diseases. Fat plaques clog up the artery walls, causing blockages. These blockages could lead to stroke or heart attack. Diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup contribute to a person’s susceptibility to high cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL, and LDL. HDL is the good …

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How To Lower Cholesterol Level Naturally

Cholesterol refers to a lipid molecule. It’s an essential structural component of animal cell membranes. HDL cholesterol is beneficial to the health. It helps in the biosynthesis of bile acids, vitamin D, and steroid hormones. Because HDL cholesterol maintains its liquid form, it does not clog the arteries. It even grabs on to cholesterol in solid form and eliminate it …

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King of Spices: Black Pepper Health Benefits

We use black pepper so often in most dishes that we tend to forget it’s actually a superfood. Apart from making any dish taste even better, black pepper can also heal a range of health problems — ranging from respiratory problems to reproductive disorders. Black pepper can even cut the risk of developing certain cancers. Below is a list several …

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Is Butter or Margarine Healthier?

No one wants to eat a dry piece of toast – but there’s a lot of confusion as to what’s best to put on it. Is butter or margarine healthier – and which should you choose? Which is Better Butter or Margarine? Neither choice is ideal. Both contain ingredients that aren’t part of a heart-healthy diet. On the other hand, …

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Resistant Exercise to Lower Cholesterol?

Exercise has many heart-healthy benefits. One way it reduces the risk of heart disease is by lowering LDL cholesterol and raising levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. Most people think you only get the heart-healthy benefits of exercise by doing aerobic exercise. Not so. Resistance exercise to lower cholesterol helps too. When you do a weight-training or strength workout, you’re …

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