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The Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is a type of light or dark green oil derived from pressed hemp seeds. The oil has a grassy aroma and a nutty flavor. Clear hemp oil is the refined version of this oil. Refined hemp oil has very little vitamins and antioxidants compared to cold pressed hemp oil. Essentially, the darker the oil, the higher the nutritional …

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Why is Grape Seed Extract Good for You?

Grape seed extract is a type of oil extracted from grounded seeds of red grapes or red wine grapes. Along with the leaves and sap, grape seed extract has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for various health conditions. This extract is often used in cosmetics and supplements for its therapeutic benefits. In today’s post, we are …

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Why You Should Lose the Belly Fat Right NOW

Did you know that an average American carries around 30 billion of fat cells and that most of the fat cells are concentrated on the belly? Fat cells do not just expand your girth, it can cause chronic diseases by disrupting various biological processes. In many ways, a defined waistline is indicative of better health. When you are in control …

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Magnetic Bracelets: Do They Really Work?

Magnetic therapy is a type of alternative healing method that utilizes static magnets to manage pain or treat other health concerns. The idea seems novel, but this healing method dates back 2,000 years ago. In Asia and Europe, folk healers used magnets to treat various ailments. They believe that magnets have the ability to draw out diseases from the body. …

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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: The Ultimate Remedy for All Chronic Diseases?

Hydrogen peroxide therapy – also known as H2O2 treatment – is an alternative medicine that treats various chronic diseases including AIDS and cancer. This alternative healing method uses food grade hydrogen peroxide to oxygenate the body. According to those who practice H2O2 therapy, chronic diseases are all caused by one thing: the lack of oxygen. The fundamental principle of H2O2 …

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4 Yoga Positions for People Afflicted With Chronic Lung Disease

Performing everyday activities is hard enough if you suffer from chronic lung disease. Most times, working out is out of the question. But it’s quite possible exercise even if you’re hampered by lung disease. The key is to perform less strenuous exercises. You want to focus on controlled movements and flexibility rather than intensity to tone the body. That’s why …

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Treatment Options for Chronic Aches and Pains

When it comes to chronic pain, there are different types of treatments to choose from ranging from oral and topical medication to therapy. Below are some of the common pain management treatments recommended by most doctors: Oral and Topical Medication Oral and topical medications may come in pill or ointment/cream form, respectively. These types of pain management drugs contain anti-inflammatory …

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