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Coconut Sugar: A Healthier Alternative to Artificial Sweetener

Coconut sugar – also known as palm sugar – is a type of natural sweetener derived from the sap of cut coconut flower buds. The flower buds are boiled and then dehydrated before being processed into a natural sweetener. Coconut sugar is particularly abundant in Asia and southeast Asia, where it’s been used for thousands of years. For the most …

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5 of the Best Milk to Drink

Not all types of milk are created equal. Each type of milk provides a range of nutrients that promote a healthy body. So which ones of the many milk types are right for you? In today’s post, we are listing down 5 of the best milk types you should try today! 1. Organic Cow’s Milk Organic cow’s milk is a …

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Does Coconut Water Cure Hangovers?

It’s okay to party all night and drink alcohol but when the alcohol is too much then chances are, you will definitely get an awful hangover in the morning! If this has happened to you one too many times, you need to find a good cure for that nasty hangover. One of the best ways to cure this hangover is …

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