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Common Manicure Issues and How to Fix Them

For most people who have no time to have their nails done at a salon, a DIY manicure is the easiest way to keep the nails presentable. But at-home manicures have their own issues too. To ensure a professional-looking manicure,  we are listing down quick fixes to common manicure issues: Smudged Nail Polish It happens to the best of us, …

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Common Causes of Pain Behind the Eye

Pain behind the eyes is often a symptom of various health problems, some of which require immediate treatment. Sometimes the pain is tolerable but other times; the pain is so great it feels like you’re being stabbed with an ice pick. Pain behind the eye can mean many things and to avoid confusion, we are listing down the most common …

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Dealing with Drug Side Effects

From painkillers to prescription medication, all drugs come with side effects. Some of the side effects are subtle, but others are downright dangerous. Usually, the gastrointestinal system is affected from a drug side effect. Virtually all medication can cause stomach cramps, ulcer or nausea. But other drugs can cause hives, skin irritation and other adverse effects. Common Drugs Side Effects …

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The Most Common Grooming Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

No one is impervious to grooming fails. Even the most well-kept bloke could be unknowingly making grooming no-nos. But fear not! In today’s post, we are listing down the most common grooming mistakes men make and how to avoid them: Too Much Cologne Is your cologne game too strong? Sounds like you need to go easy on the fragrance. Bathing …

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Setting The Record Straight On 5 Common Anti-Aging Myths

The fear of aging led to misconceptions about caring for the skin. But by understanding how wrinkles occur, you can develop effective strategies that delay the signs of aging. After all, there is no point in delaying the signs of aging if it won’t yield the desired results. In today’s post, we are debunking some of the most common anti-aging …

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