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Tips for Making the Perfect Risotto

Risotto is a classic Italian dish made with rice. This dish originated in north Italy wherein rice is cooked slowly with meat, fish, or vegetable broth. In Italy, risotto is served as a first course or before the main course. However, risotto Alla Milanese is often served together with Osso Bucco Alla Milanese. Risotto comes in different types and there …

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3 Hearty Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes to Try

A pressure cooker is extremely versatile. It allows you to cook super easy, better tasting meals in minutes! You can also use a pressure cooker to whip up delicious, nutritious soups for you and the whole family. Today we are sharing our favorite soup recipes you can whip up using a pressure cooker: 1. Chunky n’ Spicy Chicken Soup You …

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Cooking Hacks to Boost Weight Loss

Home cooked meals will always be superior to fast food. Cooking your meals at home is also a great strategy for people who want to lose weight! Unfortunately, some cooking habits are downright fattening! Even “healthy” meals become unhealthy due to wrong cooking practices. In today’s post, we are listing down simple cooking hacks to help you achieve the best …

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Why You Shouldn’t Boil the Life Out of Food

Some foods are best eaten raw while others should be cooked slightly to release vitamins and minerals. But did you know boiling the life out of food eliminates all the essential nutrients from food? For instance, boiling is a quick and convenient way to prepare certain vegetables and fruits. But it’s also a quick way to lose temperature-sensitive nutrients like …

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