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All About the Lower Abs: Targeted Workouts to Strengthen the Core

Most abdominal exercises only tone the upper abdominal muscles. To achieve balance, you need to target both the upper and the lower abdominal muscles. The lower abdominal muscles sit just under the navel. Unfortunately, the lower abdominals are often overlooked for a number of reasons such as lower back pain or a weak core. To give your lower abdominal muscles …

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Why Use Free Weights in Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, you can either opt for free weights or use machines to tone and strengthen the muscles. However, most fitness experts agree that free weights are superior to fitness machines because the former promote proper form and reduce workout time. Free weights also isolate the muscles better for a more intense workout. So what other …

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Benefits of Hanna Somatics

Hanna Somatics is a type of movement therapy that promises to eliminate chronic aches and pains. This program was developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna, Ph.D. after two decades of work on sensory motor training and studying neurology at the University of Miami Medical School. While studying in Miami Med, Dr. Hanna explored the muscular ways in which humans respond to …

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