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All About the Lower Abs: Targeted Workouts to Strengthen the Core

Most abdominal exercises only tone the upper abdominal muscles. To achieve balance, you need to target both the upper and the lower abdominal muscles. The lower abdominal muscles sit just under the navel. Unfortunately, the lower abdominals are often overlooked for a number of reasons such as lower back pain or a weak core. To give your lower abdominal muscles …

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How to Avoid Core Strength Training Injuries

The core is a group of muscles that surrounds the spine.  These muscles include the erector spinae, multifidi, diaphragm, transversus and rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques, lumbar and latissimus dorsi, hip flexors, hip adductors and all three gluteal muscles. With a strong core, the body’s stability and strength improve. You can do all sorts of intense exercises if your …

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6 Benefits of Yoga

In the west, yoga is a form of fitness activity that boosts flexibility and strength. But in the east where it originated, yoga is more than just a form of exercise. It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that’s been observed by Indians for hundreds of years. But one thing is for sure, practicing yoga is good for you! And …

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4 Types of Biopsy Procedures

A biopsy is an examination of removed tissues from a living patient to assess the cause or the extent of a certain disease. There are four different types of biopsy procedure and the kind of procedure your doctor will use depends on the areas of the body where tumors grew, the size of the tumors and other factors. In today’s …

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6 Exercises to Build a Stronger Core

Dreaming of having washboard abs but can’t figure out how? No amount of crunches could unveil the toned abdominal muscles underneath. To keep achieve definition, you have to strengthen your core. And you can’t do that when you don’t engage all the surrounding muscles in the midsection. So break out of your monotonous abdominal workout and expand your repertoire. In …

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