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Swapping Fattening Foods with These Low-Calorie Food Substitutes

One of the best tricks to losing weight is substitution. It means replacing fattening foods with low-calorie substitutes. By swapping certain foods with their healthier counterparts, you take in fewer calories. And if you’re committed to healthy eating to lose weight, consider these fantastic food substitutes: Replacing Full Cream Milk with Almond Milk Although milk is a part of a …

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5 Natural Remedies for Extremely Dry Skin

Got flaky, alligator skin? Sounds like your skin needs lots of TLC, stat! Dry skin usually occurs during extremely cold climate. The cold air sucks the moisture right out of the skin. But some people are prone to dry skin regardless of the climate. Poor diet, genetics, and aging are factors that could also contribute to dry skin. Unfortunately, hydrating …

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