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How to Deal with Excess Skin After Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss can be gratifying especially if you worked so hard to shed all that unwanted weight. Unfortunately, major weight loss can lead to loose skin, especially around the abdomen, under arms, and thigh area. Although the skin can stretch and bounce back to its original shape, it will take a while before the skin can stretch back to …

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Dealing with Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural biological response to the heat. When the body excretes water through the skin, moisture evaporates, helping the body stay cool. Sweating is also triggered during an emotional situation (when agitated, frightened, nervous, or embarrassed). But excessive, trigger-free sweating is caused by hyperactive sweat glands. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that affects the sweat glands. This condition …

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5 Ways to Deal with Parched, Flaky Skin

Do you suffer from perpetually rough, itchy, flakey and dry skin? Sounds like your skin could use a lot of TLC right now! The fact is, treating parched skin isn’t just about putting more products on the skin. The clothes you wear, your lifestyle, diet, the climate, and other factors also play a role in the state of your skin. …

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Dealing with Drug Side Effects

From painkillers to prescription medication, all drugs come with side effects. Some of the side effects are subtle, but others are downright dangerous. Usually, the gastrointestinal system is affected from a drug side effect. Virtually all medication can cause stomach cramps, ulcer or nausea. But other drugs can cause hives, skin irritation and other adverse effects. Common Drugs Side Effects …

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