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5 Gluten-Free Sweet Treats for Dessert Lovers

Staying away from gluten doesn’t mean depriving yourself of yummy desserts! Finish off a meal on a sweet note by indulging on these healthy, gluten-free desserts: 1. Chocolate Cups You will need: 2/3 cup granulated sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt 3 cups whole milk 4 large egg yolks ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract 6 ounces bittersweet chocolate, …

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Why You Should Eat Dessert First

When you were a child, did you look at your dessert longingly – and wish you could eat it before eating your broccoli and spinach? Of course, your mom was adamantly against eating dessert first. In this case, mom may have been wrong. According to an article published in Woman’s Day, there are some good reasons to eat dessert first …

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