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Salt Therapy: New Age Treatment for Respiratory Disorders?

Halotherapy is a type of alternative medicine that utilizes salt to cure respiratory problems and other health maladies. According to practitioners, halotherapy helps ease congestion while strengthening the lungs. How Halotherapy Works The treatment works by exposing a patient to a salt cave. The salt cave is teeming with microscopic particles of salt suspended in the air. By inhaling the …

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Massage Devices: Types, Benefits, and How Massaging Heals the Body

For most people, a soothing massage after a tiring day at work is the best way to wind down. Massage therapy helps relax knotted muscles, eliminate chronic aches and pains, and improve circulation. It could also help release muscle tension and improve mobility of the joints. Although all health spas offer various forms of massages, not everyone has the time …

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