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The Master Cleanse: How to Do the Ten-Day Lemonade Diet

The 10-day lemonade diet or Master Cleanse is a restrictive diet designed to detox, cleanse the digestive tract, and lose weight, all the while providing “healthy amounts” of calories and nutrients to the body. The master cleanse may have been around since the 1940s but it only became popular after Beyoncé, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and many A-list celebrities admitted …

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How to Use Triphala Churna to Boost Your Health

Triphala is a type of herbal remedy used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s mainly used to improve the digestive tract, purify the colon, and improve nutrient absorption in the body. Triphala also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, protecting the body from most types of infections. Triphala consists of three herbal extracts from Chebulic Myrobalan, Belleric Myrobalan, and Indian …

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The Japanese Diet: Can It Really Help You Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

It’s no secret that the Japanese seem to know the secrets behind staying slim despite eating a lot of carbs. It’s fascinating how most Japanese (especially Japanese women) are able to maintain their slender figure no matter what they eat. And this fascination led to so many diet fads, one of which is the Japanese diet. What Is the Japanese …

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Tapeworm Diet: What is it and Does it Really Helps in Weight Loss?

The tapeworm diet is perhaps one of the most controversial and highly radical approaches to losing weight. As the name suggests, the diet requires a person to use parasitic worms to minimize nutrient absorption in the body, leading to weight loss. Tapeworm is a type of parasitic worm that belongs to the flatworm family. Tapeworm infestation is caused by unknowingly …

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How Tweaking Your Lifestyle Choices Can Minimize Cellulite

Cellulite is the unsightly cottage cheese-like texture of the skin. This is caused by fat deposits just under the skin, typically around the thighs, in the abdomen, butt, or the back of the arms. There are many reasons why cellulites develop. Some people are genetically predisposed to have cellulite. Others trigger cellulite through poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, or hormonal …

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When’s the Best Day to Start Your Diet?

Let’s face it: one of the hardest things about dieting is not limiting the amount of food you eat each day but the idea of summoning up the courage to start the diet itself. It’s not easy to give up your favorite foods or snacks. But once you get started with your diet, you slowly train your body to make …

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Liquid Diet to Detox and Lose More Weight

Most people are wary about working out to lose weight because of various reasons. Some just don’t have the time for it while others believe that there are diet programs out there that will yield the same results. Now, losing weight with as little effort as possible might sound too good to be true but is it? Perhaps one of …

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Common Causes of Cellulites

Cellulite is a condition wherein certain parts of the skin take on a lumpy, dimpled appearance. Also known as adiposis edematosa, cellulite occurs when fatty tissues accumulate under the skin—usually in the lower parts of the body—causing the surface of the skin to resemble that of an orange peel. Although cellulite does not pose harm in the body, it could …

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Proven Strategies for Losing Cellulite

Cellulites don’t discriminate. They appear on girls even in their teen years or younger. Cellulites are simply fats that look lumpy because it pushes against the connective tissues. Because of this, the legs and thighs look puckered. They also appear more in women than men. Cellulites can be caused by a lot of things. It could be due to poor …

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