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DIY Treatments for Uplifted, Firm Skin

Sun damage, aging, and environmental stress contributes to saggy, wrinkled skin. Although there is no beauty product on earth that can truly banish wrinkles and eliminate sagginess, these DIY treatments and facial exercises are sure to take years off your face: Face Massage Massaging the facial skin helps boost blood flow, slough off dead skin cells, and rejuvenate the skin. …

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Airbrushing: Factors to Consider Before a DIY Body Pain Job

Body painting is a form of art that turns the whole body into a canvas. A hand-held airbrushing nozzle sprays a fine mist of paint to cover the skin with body paint. Airbrushing is applied in a wide range of purposes including editorial shoots, bridal makeup, movie shoots, theater, and special effects. Because creating stunning works of art using the …

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DIY Cayenne Tincture

Cayenne is a spicy pepper that belongs to the nightshade family. Technically, cayenne is a fruit but in cooking, it’s used similarly like other vegetables and as seasoning. Because it’s loaded with oleoresin capsaicin, cayenne offers a myriad of health benefits. Oleoresin capsaicin helps release neurotransmitter substance-p into the bloodstream. Substance-p helps prevent depression by stabilizing the mood and relieving …

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5 DIY Exfoliating Masks for Smooth, Glowing Skin!

Got flaky, lackluster skin? You need a good exfoliating mask, stat! But don’t run to the nearest beauty counter. You can make your own exfoliating mask and save more money! Unlike a face scrub, an exfoliating mask is milder, kinder on the skin! In today’s post, we are giving you exfoliating mask recipes to try at home: Honey and Baking …

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