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Fight Fatigue and keep Your Energy Up Naturally

Fatigue refers to a bout of physical or mental exhaustion. Inexplicable fatigue naturally comes with age. But before you start hoarding energy drinks or coffee to keep your energy level up, consider these tips: Talk to Your Doctor Again, fatigue comes naturally with age. However, although fatigue is a common complaint, you want to rule out any health problem that …

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When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

Say you’ve been working intensely for the past hour and suddenly, you pull a muscle. Do you see a sports doctor right away or should you tough it out? A sports medicine specialist is a doctor that specializes in healing all types of sports injuries. The physician focuses on the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports and physical activity. A …

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9 Foods Your Doctor Never Eats

“Eat healthy,” doctors always say. As health practitioners and nutrition experts, they advise people to eat [insert nutritious food here] so that they become healthier. Doctors also recommend foods that can help people prevent disease, achieve normal weight, and manage any existing health condition. But have you ever wondered which foods doctors don’t eat? Here are 9 foods your doctor …

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Do Kids Really Need Vitamin Supplements?

At some point in your life, your parents made you take vitamin supplements everyday. Although vitamin supplements are great for kids who are not meeting their dietary requirements of vitamins and minerals, they’re not really a critical part of a child’s nutrition. Nothing beats getting all the nutrients we need from the food we eat. But there are cases wherein …

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7 Habits of People Who Stay Fit and Healthy

How we keep our body healthy depends on our individual physical state. We are given the chance to take care of our bodies and our healthy habits can show how healthy we can be. However, not all people are considered healthy. Just because they are skinny doesn’t mean they are healthy and just because they weigh more than their actual …

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8 Symptoms of Malignant Melanoma You Need to Know About

By far the most worrisome and serious form of skin cancer is malignant melanoma. Unfortunately, the incidence of this most aggressive form of skin cancer is on the rise. Why? This is likely due to increased sun exposure, a major risk factor for this disease. In Australia, the lifetime risk for developing malignant melanoma is around 1 in 30. It’s …

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