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20 “Healthy” Foods That are Actually Bad for You

Just when you think you are finally eating healthy, you discover that even “healthy” foods aren’t really good for you at all. In today’s post, we are listing down the hidden dangers of these “healthy” foods: 1. Muesli Muesli is loved by dieters because it’s filling, delicious and healthy! But is it really healthy? Turns out, muesli is even more …

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Healthy Foods that Cause a Bloated Tummy

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a part of a healthy diet. But even the healthiest foods can cause surprising side-effects such as bloating. Bloating is the abnormal swelling of the stomach. This occurs for various reasons, but for fruit and vegetable lovers, this is caused by gas buildup. This is a sign that food is not digested properly. In today’s …

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Five “Healthy” Snacks That Aren’t

Navigating that snack aisle at a grocery store or convenience store in search of a fast and convenient snack that’s healthy can be a challenge. The majority of the packaged snacks you see on the shelves of your supermarket are high in calories, fat, sugar, or sodium. Even some of the so called “healthy” snacks when scrutinized turn out to …

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