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How Drinking Aloe vera Juice Could Boost Your Health

Aloe vera is a type of succulent plant that belongs to the lily family. This plant is also a close relative to garlic and onions. Aloe vera features fleshy stems and when cut, the stems produce clear, gel-like viscous substance. This substance is often used in beauty and medicinal products for its rejuvenating, soothing, and healing properties. Aloe vera gel …

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Drunkorexia: the Deadly New Diet Fad

There’s a new diet fad in losing weight these days which involves a lot of drinking. Sounds fun? Think again. This may just be a bad way to put you in trouble! Drunkorexia is a street slang which refers to the process of starving oneself during the day and then binging on drinks later. After you binge on drinking, binging …

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Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea: Does It Help Allergies?

As allergy season approaches, people start reaching for their trusty box of tissues – and their antihistamines. Unfortunately, some antihistamines you buy at the drugstore make you feel groggy and give you a dry mouth. What if you could get allergy relief by sipping tea? Not just any tea – rooibos tea, the red tea native to Africa. Some people …

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Is Fruit Juice a Good Pre-Workout Drink?

You’re headed out for a run or to the gym for a workout, and you need to stay well-hydrated. Some people carry along a bottle filled with fruit juice to sip while they run it out on the treadmill – to replace the liquid and electrolytes they need to stay in top form. Sure, it tastes good, but is fruit …

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Health Issues Associated With Alcohol

There is a wide spectrum of health issues associated with alcohol dependence and abuse. Binge drinking and addiction can lead to these disorders, ranging from the somewhat mild blackouts to the severe and potentially fatal chronic diseases associated with alcoholism. There are, in some cases, health benefits that come with drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. However, if people are prone …

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