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15 Hollywood Celebrities You Didn’t Know Went to Rehab

Celebrities aren’t just known for their glitzy day jobs and strings of blockbuster hits. The Hollywood circuit is rife with rumors of drug and alcohol abuse. Even seemingly level-headed celebrities are not immune to the excesses of living the high life. Below are some of the most beloved Hollywood stars that went to rehab for either drug or alcohol abuse: …

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DIY Cayenne Tincture

Cayenne is a spicy pepper that belongs to the nightshade family. Technically, cayenne is a fruit but in cooking, it’s used similarly like other vegetables and as seasoning. Because it’s loaded with oleoresin capsaicin, cayenne offers a myriad of health benefits. Oleoresin capsaicin helps release neurotransmitter substance-p into the bloodstream. Substance-p helps prevent depression by stabilizing the mood and relieving …

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Common Medication Errors and How to Prevent Them

For most people, taking prescription medications is a matter of life and death. But what if the same drugs you think are saving your life is actually killing you slowly? According to a National Institutes of Health study, 40% of seniors aged 65 and up mistakenly take higher doses of prescription medication. The same study found that 55% of seniors …

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Dietary and Nutritional Tips for Recovering Meth Addicts

Drug addiction ravages the body and brain. It’s not uncommon for meth addicts to stay awake for days at a time. During these periods, their bodies go through various changes. And most of these changes affect the health negatively. Recovering meth addicts are often dehydrated, their livers are damaged from drug abuse. They experience electrolyte imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition and …

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How to Lose Weight with Raspberry Ketones ?

Raspberry ketone is a natural, aromatic phenolic compound found in raspberries and other types of berries. This compound is what gives raspberries its distinctive scent. Used for decades in various raspberry-scented foods, cosmetics, and bath products, raspberry ketone now comes in supplement form and is being marketed as a weight loss aid. Breaking Down Fat With Raspberry Ketones Raspberry ketone …

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Effective Natural Home Treatments for a Cough

Not too long ago, the most common response to a persistent cough was a trip to the cough syrup aisle at the drug store. Now, with concerns about these drugs on the rise, natural home treatments are highly sought. Fortunately, home treatment for coughing is generally considered both safe and effective, a far cry from the reputation earned by cough …

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