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The Weight Loss and Nutritional Benefits of Whole Foods

We live in a society where foods are refined to a point that they no longer hold any nutrients. Essentially, processed foods carry very little nutrients and copious amounts of sugars and preservatives. Unfortunately, the body is addicted to sugar. It will demand sugars by releasing ghrelin, the hormone that triggers hunger pangs and cravings. Once you start eating high-sugar …

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7 Reasons to Love Sardines

Of all canned fish, sardines are the most nutritious (and delicious!) Packed with essential nutrients, the fish in sardines end up being more nutritious canned, instead of served fresh. How? Sardines contain fish with all the odd bits: bones, organs, skin, etc. Just like offal, some parts of the fish are more nutrient-dense than others. Eating all the odd bits …

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How Home-Cooked Meals Motivate You to Lose Weight

It’s no secret that restaurant meals and pre-packaged foods are high in fat and calories. When trying to lose weight, nothing beats home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have the time to make their own meals at home. In today’s post, we are giving you 5 reasons why you should start prepping your meals to lose weight: Home-Cooked …

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9 Foods Your Doctor Never Eats

“Eat healthy,” doctors always say. As health practitioners and nutrition experts, they advise people to eat [insert nutritious food here] so that they become healthier. Doctors also recommend foods that can help people prevent disease, achieve normal weight, and manage any existing health condition. But have you ever wondered which foods doctors don’t eat? Here are 9 foods your doctor …

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Foods to Eat Before Running

Good nutrition is a part of any fitness training. It must be observed at all times to keep the body in tip-top shape. When you’re running, the amount of calories you consume will depend on the intensity of your workout. A one-mile run burns approximately 100 calories. But this depends on your build and your pace. Of course, you want …

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What Would Jesus Eat? An Introduction to the Bible Diet

There’s more to the scriptures than teachings of God. It can serve as a guide to accelerate weight loss too. The Bible diet – also known as the Maker’s Diet – is a dietary program developed by motivational speaker, Jordan S. Rubin. The diet program is based on the gospel by Leviticus and Deuteronomy. According to Rubin, the bible lists …

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How to Enjoy Food and Eat Without Guilt

It’s hard to keep your diet in check when you’re out enjoying a meal with friends and loved ones. And let’s face it, you tend to overeat when dining out or when in good company. The fact is, you can enjoy your meal and have zero guilt. It’s just about being smart about certain choices you make when you’re eating. …

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What are the Nutritional and Health Benefits of Whole Grains?

Whole grains refer to grains that retain parts of the original kernel. These parts include the bran, germ, and endosperm. Because all components of the oats are intact, whole grains are healthier than processed or refined grains. Refined grains strip away the germ and bran. This process reduces the nutritional value of grains. Unfortunately, most store-bought grains are overly processed …

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Eating Healthy Even If You Hate Your Greens

It’s hard to eat healthy when you just can’t stomach vegetables. Unfortunately, vegetables make the bulk of nutrient-dense foods. Most people are put off by vegetables’ distinct “green” sometimes bitter taste. Is there a way to eat healthily and cleanly even if you hate veggies? Yes, there is. In fact, there are several methods that can make vegetables palatable to …

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