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16 Deadliest Food You Eat Everyday

1. Hot dogs Hot dogs are so popular that they have become staples in developing countries worldwide. You see them everywhere – hot dog stands, school cafeterias, fast food joints, and groceries. In stadiums, vendors even walk around to sell them. That’s how crazy people are over dogs! Normally, they are made up of pork or beef trimmings and fat. …

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Tips for Taking Control of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating may sometimes be pictured as a girl binging on food after her heart was broken by some guy she really liked. Although these pictures may sometimes look funny and ridiculous, it does happen in real life. There are real people out there who do emotional eating and it doesn’t only happen when they are heartbroken. Now if you …

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Three Ways to Burn Fat This Fall

Autumn is coming! It’s that time of the year when the festivities are beginning to take its break. Holiday seasons are coming too and with that, food is something we cannot say no to. Pumpkin pies and roasted turkey sounds just about right, isn’t it? Now while this is all sounds great, burning calories and fat becomes a bit of …

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Eat More Broccoli to Protect Your Joints

Can eating more broccoli help to prevent osteoarthritis? A new study shows some new benefits of eating broccoli – and the positive effects it could have on joint health. Could it be another reason to enjoy more of this crunchy, cruciferous vegetable? What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease that causes inflammation and gradual destruction of joint cartilage. It …

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Two Spices That Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease in Diabetics

Heart disease in diabetics is a growing problem. As cases of type 2 diabetes continues to escalate from lack of exercise, poor eating habits and obesity – so do the complications of diabetes, especially heart disease. It takes good eating habits, physical activity and adequate blood sugar control to lower the risk of heart disease in diabetics, but two common …

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Do You Suffer from a Rumbling Stomach After Eating?

Do you experience the sensation of your stomach rumbling after eating a meal? This common problem can be frustrating for the thousands of people who suffer with it every day. The scientific name for this condition is borborygmus which is a word used to describe the sound made by gas and air moving through the intestinal tract. Some people who …

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Proven Tactics to Prevent Weight Regain

Congratulations! You’ve lost weight, and you’re proud of your new body. It feels good to slip into a form-fitting pair of jeans and not have them feel tight. Now comes the tough part – keeping it off. Studies show that eighty percent of people who lose a significant amount of weight experience weight regain. In fact, many people put back …

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