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At-Home Remedies for Fuller, Longer Lashes

Tired of dealing with sparse, thin lashes that are prone to breaking? Although there are treatments that could boost lash thickness and volume, there are ways to achieve longer lashes without spending a dime! In today’s post, we are revealing some of the best all-natural lash treatments found in your kitchen: Fruit and Nut Oils All types of natural oils …

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The Egg Diet — Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

What’s an egg diet and can it really help you lose weight? Egg diet is a protein-based diet consisting mostly of, well, eggs. Egg diet is a variation of the Atkins diet where carbohydrate consumption is restricted. The basic egg diet consists of eating two eggs along with grapefruit or any lean protein or carbohydrates for breakfast and a small …

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Top 5 Protein Supplements for Fast Muscle Growth

Trying to gain muscles is challenging especially if you are skin and bones from the beginning. However, it is possible and it can be achieved. All you need is to have the right kind of exercise and protein supplements to help you with that. Some people say that you don’t need protein supplements to gain muscles but that’s not always …

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How to Control Hunger Cravings Using Natural Foods

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know how difficult it can be to overcome cravings. The good news is you don’t have to resort to unnatural means such as diet pills to stop hunger cravings. You can stop hunger pangs naturally through the foods that you choose to eat. Certain types of foods are known to not only stop …

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