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How to Prevent Clumpy Mascara and Spider Lashes

We cannot deny the fabulous impact of lush lashes. Some beauties can even get away with just a few  coats of mascara and a lip gloss! But clumpy mascara leaves the lashes looking like dead spider legs and that is not a good look! Of course, removing your full face of makeup is not an option if you are dealing …

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How to Deal with Excess Skin After Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss can be gratifying especially if you worked so hard to shed all that unwanted weight. Unfortunately, major weight loss can lead to loose skin, especially around the abdomen, under arms, and thigh area. Although the skin can stretch and bounce back to its original shape, it will take a while before the skin can stretch back to …

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Skin Care Tips to Keep Excess Oil at Bay

Fun Fact: did you know that oily-skinned women are less likely to develop fine lines compared to dry-skinned women? But that does not make an oily face a good look! Oily skin is caused by the excessive production of sebum on the top layer of the skin. There are many reasons why the skin produces excess sebum such as raging …

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