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Tone the Butt with These Explosive Moves!

Frustrated over your flat, shapeless derrière? Don’t fret, we’ve compiled all the best exercises that will tone and lift the buttocks. Do these explosive moves at home and enjoy the results within weeks: Hip-Lift Progression The hip-lift progression will ease tension in the lower back while targeting the glutes at the same time. To perform this exercise, lie on your …

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Fight Fatigue and keep Your Energy Up Naturally

Fatigue refers to a bout of physical or mental exhaustion. Inexplicable fatigue naturally comes with age. But before you start hoarding energy drinks or coffee to keep your energy level up, consider these tips: Talk to Your Doctor Again, fatigue comes naturally with age. However, although fatigue is a common complaint, you want to rule out any health problem that …

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How to Improve Brain Focus and Memory Naturally

The brain is the central information system of the body. This incredible organ works in the background to regulate the system, process information, and complete complex bodily functions. And the brain has been doing all these things every waking moment of your life since you were born! Of course, the brain ages as we age. Aging causes the brain cells …

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The 4 Different Types of Exercise Bands

An exercise band is a type of rubber band that can be manipulated in different ways to perform exercises. The bands provide ample resistance to engage different muscle groups. Exercise bands come in an array of resistance levels, lengths, colors, and shapes. Some types of exercise bands are simply shaped as loops so you can wrap it around the body …

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The Best Types of Flooring for a Home Gym

Why pay hundreds of dollars each year for a gym membership when you can transform any unused space in your home into a gym? A home gym allows you to work out and achieve your goal weight at the comfort and privacy of your own home! One of the most important design elements to consider when building a home gym …

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5 Simple Rules for Optimum Health

There are so many misleading information about achieving optimum health and fitness. We live in an information-loaded world that it is hard to identify fact from fiction. To achieve better health, it’s best to stick to simple rules. Simple rules will definitely simplify your life. In today’s post, we are listing down tips to help you stay healthy forever: 1. …

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4 of the Best Exercises to Prep the Body for Pregnancy

A fit, healthy body is important, more so if you are planning to conceive. Apart from eating balanced meals and leading a healthy lifestyle, you want to exercise regularly to blast fat and increase your chances of getting pregnant. To prep your body to motherhood, we highly recommend these fat-busting exercises: 1. Plié Squats The squat is the perfect low-impact …

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Patellar Tendinitis: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Patellar tendinitis – also known as jumper’s knee – is a common injury that involves the inferior patellar region of the knee. The inferior patellar region of the knee is comprised of a tendon that connects the kneecap or patella to the shinbone. The tendon contracts with the muscles to extend the knee when kicking, running or jumping. Patellar tendinitis …

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The Best Cardio Exercises to Boost Fat Loss

Although cardio exercises are known to boost heart rate and strengthen the heart, certain moves could also accelerate fat loss. That’s why to get the most out of your workout, you have to learn which cardio exercises will torch more fat! In today’s post, we are listing down the best fat-burning cardio exercises you should add to your fitness routine: …

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