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Will You Get Better Results if You Workout in the Morning?

For many people trying to get into shape, time is an important element. With so many work and family related obligations, it can be difficult to find time to schedule a regular workout .If your schedule does permit you the flexibility of choosing when you exercise, a morning workout routine may be the best for you both physiologically and psychologically. …

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Is Fruit Juice a Good Pre-Workout Drink?

You’re headed out for a run or to the gym for a workout, and you need to stay well-hydrated. Some people carry along a bottle filled with fruit juice to sip while they run it out on the treadmill – to replace the liquid and electrolytes they need to stay in top form. Sure, it tastes good, but is fruit …

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Full Body Workouts vs. Traditional Exercise Machines

Despite the health and obesity issues plaguing western society, the world is bombarded with images of physical perfection. Be it the cosmetic industry, the fashion industry, or the organic foods industry, people are obsessed with bodily perfection. Unfortunately, few if any are born with inherent characteristics that make them models of athleticism. This does not mean that people are not …

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Swimming to Lose Weight: Does It Work?

Is swimming good for weight loss? Some experts point out that swimming doesn’t burn as many calories as running or walking at a brisk pace. But not everyone can tolerate the joint pounding that high-impact exercises inflict on the body, especially older people and those with arthritis. Swimming is an exercise that’s easy on the joints – and it’s mentally …

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Sports Drinks and Their Effect on Your Exercise Performance

If you’re a serious runner, particularly if you run marathons, you understand the importance of good hydration and replacement of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. These critical components are often depleted from the body through the process of sweating during vigorous exercise. Even if you do an aggressive workout in the gym, you can have a significant loss of …

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Resistant Exercise to Lower Cholesterol?

Exercise has many heart-healthy benefits. One way it reduces the risk of heart disease is by lowering LDL cholesterol and raising levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. Most people think you only get the heart-healthy benefits of exercise by doing aerobic exercise. Not so. Resistance exercise to lower cholesterol helps too. When you do a weight-training or strength workout, you’re …

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How Much Exercise Is Sufficient?

Prior to making a determination how much exercise you will need, you need to possess a great idea of your own exercise target or targets: Are you exercising for health and fitness, weight-control, or as a means of maintaining your anxiety levels low? Exercise: Just how Much You Really Want “How much workout is sufficient for what?,” requests David Bassett, …

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