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Perfect Alternatives to Diet Detox

A diet detox purges the system of accumulated toxins to develop a healthy gut while accelerating weight loss, and boosting wellness. But not all people are mentally prepared for diet detoxes! In today’s post, we are listing down excellent alternatives to traditional detox to increase your weight loss potentials: Sauna A sauna is a room is a sealed room designed …

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The Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Facial Exercises

Did you know that your face and neck have approximately 57 muscles? And just like your arm or abdominal muscles, face muscles need toning too! And if you think regular facial exercises are a waste of time, think again! Facial exercises do more than just tone the muscles! In today’s post, we are listing down the surprising health and beauty …

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Sculpting Washboard Abs with an Abs Roller

An abs roller is a type of fitness equipment that builds core strength and promotes muscular density in the midsection. The roller features a large wheel in the middle of two handlebars. The device works by gripping the handlebars and rolling up and down on a flat surface in a slow, deliberate motion. The motion effectively isolates and engages the …

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The Perks of Having a Gym Membership

A gym membership can help you achieve your weight loss goals and live an active lifestyle. But it takes a certain level of commitment and dedication to sign up for a membership. After all, gym memberships aren’t exactly cheap. Unfortunately, most people waste money by signing up for a fitness member only to use it infrequently. The fact is, having …

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Bring Sexy Back with These Effective Back and Arm Toners

You don’t need fancy fitness equipment or a gym membership to tone, sculpt and slim down the arms and back. These back and arm exercises only require a set of dumbbells to shape targeted areas of the body. Even better, these moves are so easy and simple; you can do them at home! Arm Exercises Arm Curl Hold a 5 …

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How to Build Stronger, Powerful Legs

There is a reason why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike never skip leg days! A rippling set of powerful legs will complement your equally muscular physique really well. The last thing you want is a toned upper body and skinny, chicken legs! But more than complementing your physique, strong legs allow you to take on any fitness routine and sports …

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Types of High Knee Exercises

High knee exercise is a workout that combines normal running motion with exaggerated knee lifts. The knees are lifted up to the waist height. Professional athletes and runners usually perform high knee exercises to build speed, power, flexibility and endurance. The movement is meant to warm up the joints as well as boost the efficacy of a certain routine. The …

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How to Achieve a Slimmer, Chiseled Face

Self-conscious over your bloated face or your double chin? Do you feel uncomfortable whenever a friend whips up her phone for a spontaneous groupfie? It could be your natural face shape, your recent weight gain or your hormones, but the camera is making your face look even more bloated than usual. You are not alone! And there are so many …

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The Best Workout to Beat Stress

Stress is caused by an elevated level of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. These hormones trigger the body’s “fight or flight” response when the body perceives a threat. This response was useful during the prehistoric age but these days, we no longer need a short burst of energy to run away from dinosaurs. These days, high cortisol level in …

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