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The Wim Hof Method Explained

The Wim Hof method is a meditation method that allows a person to control his autonomic nervous and immune system through a variety of meditative and breathing techniques. Dutch daredevil Wim Hof developed this technique. Nicknamed the “Ice Man,” Hof has the ability to withstand extreme cold. He is known for racing through frozen terrain barefoot and almost naked. Hof …

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An Overview of the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet

3-day fad diets are usually regarded as unhealthy rapid weight loss programs. On the other hand, the Mayo Clinic brand is often associated with evidence-based diets that work quickly but safely. One of the most popular 3-day diets is associated with the Mayo Clinic brand although it has nothing to do with the health-care system in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic …

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Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Protein

When it comes to achieving a lean, fit body, two of the most important nutrients that fitness experts swear by are alpha-lipoic acid and lean protein. How do these nutrients help the body burn off more fat and contribute to fitness? Let’s find out: Explaining Alpha-lipoic Acid Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA is an antioxidant that plays a role in mitochondrial …

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Weight Loss VS Fat Loss: The Difference, Explained

To achieve a toner, slimmer body, it’s best to lower the body fat level and increase muscle mass. Most dieters think that weight loss equates to a healthy body — that’s wrong. You can be rail thin and still be unhealthy if you have high percentage of fat in your body. Anybody can lose weight. You stop eating and the …

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