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The Benefits of Using Authentic Brazilian Virgin Hair

Of all types of hair used for weaves and extensions, Brazilian virgin hair is the most expensive and popular. Unlike other hair types, Brazilian or Peruvian hair strands are naturally glossy, thick and strong. Experts believe that the lifestyle and diet of Brazilian hair donors contribute to the amazing quality of Brazilian virgin hair! Brazilian virgin hair may cost you …

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Explaining the Mongolian Virgin Hair Boom

For those who wear weaves or hair extensions, authentic human hair is the gold standard in artificial hair integration. And of all different types of extensions and weaves made from real human hair, Mongolian virgin hair is one of the best in the market. Mongolian hair is incredibly high in demand because the strands are shiny and strong. The hair …

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All About Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

A hair extension is a type of hair accessory used to add volume and length to the natural hair. The hair fibers of the extension could be made from real or synthetic hair. It’s attached near the scalp to blend in with the natural hair, adding thickness and length. There are different types of hair extensions, but the most popular …

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Hair Extensions by Types: Which Method is Right For You?

Hair extensions are quick, easy ways to add length and volume to the hair. It’s a great way to achieve certain hairstyles too. They are also used to create different looks for various events. Hair extensions are made the same way: synthetic or real human hair is weaved into a weft. A weft is a fine thread that holds the …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hair Extensions and Weaves

Whether you love trying out a different look or you just want to add volume to your hair, hair extensions and weaves will give you amazing results! Hair extensions are layers of hair in various lengths and widths. They are used to add more length or body to the hair. They are also used to create various looks. The extension …

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