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How to Lose Weight as a Family

The family that gains weight together can certainly lose weight together. Studies show than the average American diet consists of excessive sugar, sodium, and refined ingredients. A diet that consists of junk foods and processed foods paired with a sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity in the US. It’s one thing to motivate yourself to lose weight and …

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8 Genius Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Sickness is out to get you, and the only thing standing in its way is your immunity. The immune system is your body’s primary defense against bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It acts like a wall that shields you from these harmful pathogens so you wouldn’t get sick. But your immune system is no impenetrable barrier. Factors like stress, an …

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Family Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight Together

We all know the health consequences of being overweight but solo weight loss can be such a lonely affair. If you’re worried that your husband and children may be packing on a few extra pounds, why not plan to lose weight together as a family? Losing weight as a family unit can make weight loss easier and much more fun …

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