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Top Benefits of a High Protein Diet According to Experts

The most effective and widely accepted diet program by health and fitness experts alike is a high protein diet. A high protein diet consists of lean protein and modest amounts of carbohydrates. The concept behind a high protein diet is to facilitate fat burning, increase muscle mass while improving satiety. Because protein is high in amino acids, it increases lean …

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7 Reasons Why You Should Add Pull-Ups to Your Workout Routine

A pull up is an exercise that targets the upper body, particularly the arms, chest, and shoulders. This move involves gripping a bar to lift the body up and then down. Pull-ups do not require additional weights, your body weight provides enough resistance to boost muscle power. Just like any type of exercises, pull-ups have their own benefits too! In …

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Weight Loss VS Fat Loss: The Difference, Explained

To achieve a toner, slimmer body, it’s best to lower the body fat level and increase muscle mass. Most dieters think that weight loss equates to a healthy body — that’s wrong. You can be rail thin and still be unhealthy if you have high percentage of fat in your body. Anybody can lose weight. You stop eating and the …

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