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How to Achieve a Healthy Colon

Let’s face it, the colon has the dirtiest job in the human body. It processes and eliminates solid wastes along with toxic buildup and bacteria in the gut. That is why it is important to keep your colon healthy! But how do you start? What can you do to develop a healthy colon? Consider these tips: Consume Fiber-Rich Foods Fiber …

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Smart Snacking: The Answer to Healthy Weight Loss

Contrary to popular notion, snacking is not bad to the waistline. When done right, snacking can actually help you lose weight and enhance satiety after every meal. Eating a snack or two between meals curbs hunger. This way, you don’t overeat on your next meal. The key to smart snacking is being selective with the kind of snacks you indulge …

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Blocking Hunger and Losing Weight with Acai Dietary Supplements

Acai berry is harvested from a type of palm tree native to South America. Initially, the berries are utilized to heal various health problems but these days, acai berries are better known as a weight loss remedy. Studies show that acai berries contain a concentrated level of antioxidant anthocyanin. This antioxidant gives the berries their deep purple coloring. Apart from …

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Health Benefits of Black Rice

You might be familiar with brown rice — the healthier alternative to white rice. But have you heard about black rice? Black rice—also known as purple rice—is a type of glutinous rice that retains its bran cover. The bran cover is packed with nutrients including anti-cancer properties. Black rice—when cooked—will have a black, burgundy, or deep purple color. It has …

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