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Understanding the 5 Principles of Fitness

When it comes to fitness, it is not enough to develop a workout regimen to achieve a toned, sculpted body. To achieve a stronger physique, you need to understand and apply the five principles of fitness. Optimize your workout and achieve the desired results by learning more about the 5 principles of fitness: 1. The Overload Principle The overload principle …

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Pilates Equipment Ideal for Home Use

Pilates is a type of workout program that conditions the muscles, alleviates pain, and improve flexibility. This workout is focused on strengthening the core to improve posture and support the spine. Joseph Pilates developed this workout in the 20th century. It is one of the most widely practiced fitness programs in the world. Modified Pilates is developed specifically for home …

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6 Super Simple At-Home Moves to Burn Belly Fat

Frustrated over your expanding waistline? Contrary to popular belief, you cannot crunch your way into a flat, toned stomach. Crunching and sit-ups will only put a lot of strain on the spine! Instead of doing hundreds of backbreaking crunches every day to eliminate pesky belly fat, try these simple, fat-burning belly workouts at home: 1. The Lunge Twist The lunge …

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The Best Exercises for Ex-Smokers

So you just quit smoking and is new to the idea of “healthy living.” It can be overwhelming to switch from one lifestyle to another. But there is no rush. The fact that you are willing to exercise after quitting a two-decade-old habit is a great step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. To ease yourself into a healthy body, consider …

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