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3 of the Best Daily Supplements to Boost Nutrition

From creatine boosters to fat burners, the market is inundated with so many vitamin and mineral supplements that it’s hard to know which ones really count. Here’s the thing — unless you’re malnourished or severely allergic to specific types of foods, you don’t need to take supplements. The best kinds of nutrients are those harnessed from the food you eat, …

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How to Become a Personal Trainer

The process it takes to become a professional personal trainer is very straightforward. However, you have to learn specific skills and get education to become successful in this field. If you think you have what it takes to become a personal trainer then consider these steps on how to go pro: Become a Certified Personal Trainer Most gyms or fitness …

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Herbs That Stimulate Muscle Mass Growth

Building muscle mass cannot be achieved by utilizing herbs alone. To build and tone muscles, you have to weight train and adopt a healthy diet. However, certain types of herbs work great to complement any bodybuilding regimen. These herbs contain components that stimulate muscle tissues to grow and support the body’s stress response. Below are 5 herbs that could help …

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Pros and Cons of Telephone Medical Consultation

When we need medical help, we’d often go to the nearest hospital in person for evaluation and medical consultation. But a new kind of medical service is aiming to make old school health consultation a thing of the past. It’s called telephone medical consultation and it’s designed to make health evaluations even more convenient for patients. What Is Telephone Medical …

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The Power of Chakra Balancing

According to Hinduism and tantric or yogic traditions, the body has seven energy points known as chakras. Chakras are where a person’s life force or prana flows. Normal balance of energy is important to keep the body healthy. Any disruption of energy flow in the body could develop into health problems. The location of each chakra correlates to specific body …

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Easy Yoga Exercises to Try While Flying

Who says you can only do yoga at home? You can do yoga exercises practically anywhere, even when you’re in a commercial flight! Coming in and out the airport is very stressful, especially when you’ve got several bags to carry and you’re jetlagged. These basic yoga exercises will help soothe frayed nerves, refocus the mind, and let you have the …

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The Benefits of Kinesiology

Conventionally, kinesiology is the scientific study of the human movement. Also known as human kinetics, kinesiology covers the mechanical, physiological, and the psychological mechanisms of the human movement. Kinesiology is also a holistic therapy wherein a licensed practitioner will analyze a person’s health by assessing the muscles and helping patients tap into their “inner being.” The Fundamentals of Holistic Kinesiology …

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The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

Everyone deserves a good massage at least once a month. Massage therapy does the body more than just easing muscle tension and diffusing stress. We are listing down five of the most amazing benefits of massage therapy. It Prevents Postural Stress Prolonged sitting is not only bad on the back; it also increases the risk of heart diseases, contributes in …

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