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Symptoms, Treatment and Avoiding Heart Failure

Heart failure is a serious heart condition wherein the heart loses the power to pump blood all over the body efficiently. It’s the weakening of the heart rate and increasing in pressure that slowly leads to the heart’s deterioration. When blood does not circulate in the entire body, the cells do not get oxygenized. If the body’s circulatory system is …

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Gym Equipment Online

Buying gym equipment is one thing but buying it online is an entirely different story altogether. For one thing, your judgment is based only on what you can see on screen; you cannot see and feel the equipment with your own eyes and hands. You’re not sure if the equipment works as efficiently as the manufacturer claims and you have …

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A Guide to the Benefits of Visiting a Good Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is a surgery-free, drug-free, holistic approach to heal the body naturally. Chiropractic care is common among people who suffer from severe back pain or chronic arthritis and joint pain. However, the benefits of chiropractic care do not stop there. Chiropractic care could also help alleviate asthma, ear infections, scoliosis, and even aid in healthy pregnancy. Although many patients …

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Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Pros and Cons

Acai berry is having a moment right now for its high levels of antioxidants and detoxifying properties. Acai is a type of berry that belongs to the palm tree family. It’s cultivated mostly for its fruits and hearts of palm. The acai palm trees are native to Central and South America. Acai berries are similar in appearance to a grape …

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Go Solo or Go Social: Pros and Cons of Solo and Social Workout

If you work out, do you prefer working out alone (complete with headphones) or do you like working out in classes or making gym dates with friends? Although both approaches have their own benefits and drawbacks as far as staying fit goes, you could be missing out on great fitness benefits if you don’t at least try each approach to …

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5 Easy Yoga Exercises for the Elderly

You’re never too old for yoga. If you think yoga is strictly for fit, flexible youngsters, think again. Yoga is a very versatile form of physical exercise that it will work for older people too. In fact, research shows that yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress, prevent fatigue, and strengthen the body in elderly individuals. Regular yoga …

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Mummy Tummy: Dealing With Diastasis Recti and How To Tone Your Stomach

Diastasis Recti occurs when the rectus abdominis or the outer abdominal muscle stretches and separates. The connective tissues that bind the abdominal muscles start to stretch sideways. As the muscles stretches sideways, the tissues become weaker and thinner. The result is a bloated, protruding stomach that’s much harder to tone or flatten through exercise or diet. Diastasis Recti is also …

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Which Is Better: Strength Training or Cardio Exercise?

It used to be that in order to stay fit, one has to spend hours pumping iron in the local gym. These days, most fitness experts recommend a combination of different exercise regimens to achieve maximum weight loss results. Perhaps two of the most popular types of exercises today are weight or strength training and cardiovascular exercise. But which of …

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