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4 Effective Ways to Build and Develop Cycling Power

When it comes to developing your cycling performance, it’s important to track your cycling power output. Generating more cycling power helps develop speed, build endurance, and improve your overall cycling performance. Whether you are competing for a triathlon or you’re simply looking to improve your play, it’s best to continuously work in developing your cycling power. We’ve listed down 4 …

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15 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

You’ve practically made the gym your second home. Day in and day out (okay, so maybe just a few times every week) you spend a good amount of your time on routine workouts. After a few weeks of sticking to a regular exercise regimen, you managed to lose weight. And for a while, you were happy with the results. That …

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How to Make a Gymnastics Balance Beam

For many gymnasts, practicing on the balance beam is a must. It is the best equipment used to practice complex routines by many aspiring gymnasts. If you have a child who has dreams of becoming the world’s best gymnast then you know that having a balance beam in your home is the best way to hone their skills. Some parents …

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Versa Gripps Review: How to Build Back Muscles

Developing your back muscles can be challenging especially if you don’t have the right equipment for it. Many people workout but mainly concentrating on their arms, legs or chest. Back muscles are often forgotten at times but did you know that developing your back muscles will give your body a more balanced look? Plus back muscles are sexy! So if …

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Five Ways to Estimate Body Fat Percentage Using a Tape Measure

You don’t need to buy a fancy weighting scale to calculate your body fat percentage effectively. Fitness experts have developed different ways to measure body fat on your own. And most of these techniques require only the use of tape measure. So just brush up on your math skills; with a measuring tape, you can estimate your body fat! For …

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Proven Strategies for Losing Cellulite

Cellulites don’t discriminate. They appear on girls even in their teen years or younger. Cellulites are simply fats that look lumpy because it pushes against the connective tissues. Because of this, the legs and thighs look puckered. They also appear more in women than men. Cellulites can be caused by a lot of things. It could be due to poor …

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Swimming and Building Muscles

Similar to weightlifting, swimming is a resistance exercise. It’s a great hobby for all ages, because it helps strengthen the body while also strengthening the lungs! Although there are many resistance trainings similar to it, swimming does not have the negative effects you get from lifting weight such as hurting your back or neck. Why? Unlike weightlifting, swimming does not …

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Is Outdoor Exercise Healthier?

There are lots of benefits to working out regularly. Exercise not only tones and strengthens muscles; it builds endurance and reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer. If that isn’t enough, it also gives you energy and reduces stress. But working out in a gym has its drawbacks. Gyms are often overcrowded …

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