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20 Drinks You Should Never Drink Again

Beverages are so diverse that there must be thousands to choose from! A trip to the largest grocery store would give you dozens of options – a selection of juice, soda, energy drink, coffee, tea, milk, bottled water, beer, wine, and spirit, just to name a few. Add to that the coffee shops, tea houses, wineries, breweries, and specialty shops …

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5 Common Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Right NOW

Did you know that some of the most harmless looking beverages you love are shockingly unhealthy? Apart from having copious amount of sugar, these drinks are loaded with saturated fats, empty calories, and even harmful chemicals. In today’s post, we are listing down common beverages you must stop drinking right NOW: 1. Iced Tea The next time you dine at …

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“Healthy” Drinks You Have to Avoid at All Cost

Think twice before you fall for drinks labeled as “fresh,” “healthy” or “100% preservatives-free” from the local grocer. Some of these drinks aren’t as healthy as advertised. And these drinks are the worst offenders of all: Specialty Coffee Can’t live without your morning frappe? You could be ingesting more chemicals or calories than you think from your morning joe. Some …

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