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Summer Salads: Simple, Fast and Healthy Recipes

Summer’s the best time to eat salads because there is no shortage of fresh produce! Salads make the perfect starter because they are filling, healthy and delicious. You can also add a reasonable amount of lean protein to make your summer salad a complete meal! But forget about store-bought salads. They are loaded with unnecessary trimmings! The best summer salad …

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The Health Benefits of Red Cabbage

Red cabbage – also known as purple cabbage or red kraut – is a kind of cage with purple or dark red leaves. The coloring of the leaves, caused by anthocyanins – will depend on the acidity of the soil. In acidic soil, the cabbage will turn a purple color but in alkaline soil, the cabbage turns green or yellow. …

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Apart from being a natural sweetener, honey offers an amazing array of health benefits too! In fact, honey has been used for its curative benefits for 2,000 years. Also known as “liquid gold,” honey is a viscous liquid made by bees as food. The liquid is derived from nectar collected from flowers, which has been regurgitated by the bees. Thanks …

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Snack Smart: Healthy Snack Alternatives for Every Craving

Are you prone to grazing? Can’t imagine giving up on snacking? Snacking is part of our biological makeup, that’s why it’s hard to give up on snacking completely. Unfortunately, snacking on unhealthy foods is one of the most common causes of weight gain. However, you don’t have to give up on snacking forever, just to maintain your weight. The key …

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Beating Stress and Anxiety Through Food

Feeling stressed at work? House chores making you anxious? Don’t ease frazzled nerves with a slice of cake or a burrito! Gaining weight and stressing out is a bad combination. Before reaching for sweets or pastries to alleviate stress, consider these super healthy alternatives: Turkey Turkey is low in cholesterol and calories compared to red meat. It’s also packed with …

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Must-Try Classic French Food

French cuisine is renowned throughout the word for its painstaking technique and rich, sophisticated flavors. It’s no wonder French cuisine is one of the most popular cooking in the world! In France, food isn’t strictly meant to nourish the body. It also reflects the culture. And if you’re curious what French dishes you have to try, consider our recommendations: Ratatouille …

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7 Extreme Indonesian Delicacies

There is something about extreme delicacies that draw tourists into taking a bite. And when you’re in Indonesia, there is no shortage of weird, exotic culinary delights. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most bizarre Indonesian extreme delicacies: 1. Sago Maggots In Timika Regency, Papua, there is a tribe of craftsmen renowned for their amazing wood …

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Gerson Therapy: Can It Really Cure Cancer?

Gerson therapy is a diet-based alternative treatment to cancer. It was developed in the 1920s by a German-born physician, Max Gerson. Dr. Gerson’s self-developed anti-cancer therapy is based on the idea that chronic diseases are caused by the lack of oxygen in the body. And you can get oxygen by consuming organic, raw fruits and vegetables. Dr. Gerson believes that …

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All About Drying Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. This is a rather primitive food preparation where heat from the sun or fire is used to eliminate moisture in the food. Moisture in food can trigger bacterial growth, causing spoilage. When moisture is removed, nutrients are retained while minimizing spoilage. As long as the dried food is kept well, …

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