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Why You Should Hunt for Discounted Perfumes

If you are the kind of person who cannot leave the house without a spritz of your favorite scent, chances are, you know how expensive perfumes and colognes can get. This is especially true for signature scents by luxury brands. The good news is, you can always hunt for great deals to score your favorite scents! As long as you …

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5 Reasons to Love Organic Makeup

The green movement prompted even the most hardcore makeup junkies to give organic makeup a second look. Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream makeup brands use harsh chemicals that can speed up aging and even cause breakouts. Organic and natural makeup contains mild chemicals so they are suitable to sensitive skin. And just like regular cosmetics, mineral makeup comes in an …

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Proper Ways of Storing Perfumes and Fragrances

Did you know that an improperly stored perfume can shorten the product’s shelf life? Perfumes are pricier than colognes because the former contain higher concentrations of essential oils. When a bottle of perfume is not stored properly, the oils start to break down. This cuts the lasting power of the fragrance. To find out how to store bottles of perfumes …

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