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6 Ugly Truth About Breakfast Cereals

In the west, breakfast is never complete without a heaping bowl of breakfast cereal with milk. For decades, breakfast cereals are marketed as “healthy” or “energizing.” But is there truth to these claims? Are breakfast cereals really as healthy as makers made them out to be? Unfortunately, most cereals are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors and nutrients that are hardly …

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Healing the Digestive System Naturally

Good digestion is critical for your overall health. After all, the body should be able to break down food effectively to stay healthy. An unhealthy digestive system leads to weight gain, hormonal problems, and even chronic diseases. So how do you care for your digestive system naturally? What factors should you consider to ensure a healthy stomach? Consider these tips: …

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Facts About Organic Foods

Until the 20s, all crops in the world were organic. It was only after farmers utilized synthetic pesticides and chemicals after the World War II did organic farming faded into the niche market that it is today. Modern-day farming entails using a cocktail of chemicals to maintain crops and keep farm animals healthy. Unfortunately, these chemicals are poisoning the water, …

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11 Shocking Facts About GMOs

GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living life forms whose hereditary material has been synthetically controlled in a research facility through genetic engineering. This moderately new science makes volatile combinations of animal, plant, microorganisms and viral qualities that do not exist in nature or through conventional crossbreeding routines. One alarming and disturbing aspect of the entire GMO argument is the …

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Genetically Modified Food: Pros and Cons

There have been many debates as to whether or not GMOs (also known as Genetically Modified Foods) is good for us. To many people, GMO is a great idea because it allows the normal crops to be able to withstand pests and droughts which can lead to more food productions. On the other hand, there are those that think that …

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Understanding GMs: Five Genetically Modified Food Myths, Debunked

GM Means Haphazardly Crossbred Food One of the most common misconceptions about genetically modified food is that most are just product of imprecise crossbreeding of different crop species. This is untrue. Scientists don’t just randomly select different species of plants together and wait to see what kind of Frankenfood they unleash to the world. The fact is, genetic engineering is …

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