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Effective Tricks to Control Your Portions

You might not know it, but even a seemingly modest portion of food could contain several hundred extra calories! The fact is, satisfying eating is a mind game. To avoid unwanted weight gain, you have to fool your brain into thinking that you are eating more. These tricks help reduce the risk of overeating without sacrificing meal satisfaction: Use a …

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Clever Food Swaps for Painless Weight Loss

You are what you eat. Unfortunately, if you love sweet, salty or fattening foods, there is a real risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The good news is, you don’t have to starve yourself to achieve a slim, slender figure! There are simple tips and tricks you can use to achieve smarter eating. In today’s …

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Eating Healthy Even If You Hate Your Greens

It’s hard to eat healthy when you just can’t stomach vegetables. Unfortunately, vegetables make the bulk of nutrient-dense foods. Most people are put off by vegetables’ distinct “green” sometimes bitter taste. Is there a way to eat healthily and cleanly even if you hate veggies? Yes, there is. In fact, there are several methods that can make vegetables palatable to …

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Why Super Greens Are So Good for Your Health

We all know that vegetables contain most of the nutrients we need to boost our health but a new group of greens called “super greens” may offer far more superior level of nutrition that could jumpstart your health! What Makes Super Greens Super? Not all types of vegetables are created equal — and that includes your greens. Average greens contain …

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