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Reasons to Give Sandbag Training a Try

Sandbag training is a type of fitness training that incorporates sand bags into different exercises instead of standard weights or a punching bag. Because sandbags are heavy, they work great as a muscle toner and stamina builder. When done right, sandbag training will help you achieve a powerful physique! Thinking about training using a sand bag? In today’s post, we …

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Best Exercises for a Powerful Grip

It’s important to build powerful grip to lift weights or perform intense exercises like deadlifts or pull-ups. A powerful grip translates to stronger muscles. Unfortunately, common gym tools like straps or weight-machine-based workout do not increase grip strength! In today’s post, we are giving you effective exercises that will train those hands for a powerful grip! Pinch Grip The pinch …

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Exercises to Increase Grip Strength

Certain types of exercises require grip strength to perform the full range of motion. And you are only as strong as your grip. Increasing your grip is a crucial aspect of fitness. These time-proven exercises will help you achieve powerful grip: Thick Bar Training Achieving powerful grip starts by increasing the bar thickness. The larger surface area demands more effort …

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