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Casein Protein: Facts, Types, and Benefits

Casein protein is the component of animal milk proteins. It’s roughly 80% of the total protein content of milk. Casein protein is prized for its weight loss benefits because it’s slow burning. Casein protein is also insoluble at lower pH. When exposed to stomach acids, it starts coagulating that triggers a slow, sustained rise of plasma amino acids. This is …

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Fitness Mistakes that Limit Muscle Gains

Did you know that some fitness habits might limit muscle gains? If you’re a hard-gainer then it’s crucial to pay close attention to certain fitness mistakes so you don’t waste time and effort as you develop your body. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most common workout mistakes you have to avoid if you’re after gaining …

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3 Amino Acids that Promote Muscle Repair and Recovery

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Without amino acids, the body cannot energize the muscles. You see, muscles are dependent on protein for growth and recovery. The body uses amino acids to build new muscle tissues and repair damaged ones too. To sum up, amino acids are critical for muscle growth, recovery, and development. Unfortunately, the body does …

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6 of the Best Muscle-Building Foods to Boost Fitness

When it comes to developing your physique, you need to bulk up to define and shape the body. And if you’re naturally lanky, you have very little muscles to work with. Good thing some foods promote muscle development by increasing mass! If you’re skinny and you’re struggling to bulk up, don’t forget to nosh on these healthy, nutritious muscle builders: …

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Going All-Natural to Achieve a Fuller Head of Hair

Let’s face it, nothing gives quite a blow to the self-esteem than thinning hair. Especially for men who are prone to balding. While there are hundreds of hair products dedicated to restoring hair volume and length, nothing beats going all-natural! In today’s post, we are dishing out home remedies that boost hair thickness, length, and growth! Red Onion Extract Onion …

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Using Muscle Memory to Improve Fitness

What is muscle memory and how can you use it to improve your fitness regimen? Muscle memory is the concept of performing something repeatedly until the muscles can do it automatically. Most experts believe muscle memory is nothing but a myth. After all, the muscles don’t have brains. They won’t be able to recall things they used to do. In …

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Herbs That Stimulate Muscle Mass Growth

Building muscle mass cannot be achieved by utilizing herbs alone. To build and tone muscles, you have to weight train and adopt a healthy diet. However, certain types of herbs work great to complement any bodybuilding regimen. These herbs contain components that stimulate muscle tissues to grow and support the body’s stress response. Below are 5 herbs that could help …

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9 Natural Treatment Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is like a permanent accessory. Women have it styled at a salon, dye it with different colors, and have it transformed into silky straight hair, beautiful locks, or any other style depending on their personal preference. Even men have their hair styled to their liking. Your hair can make you look younger than your age, but it can also …

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The Effects of Creatine

If you have gone to a sports nutrition store, you’re probably familiar with creatine pills, powder and liquid. Over the last years, creatine has emerged as the best supplement for people who are looking to build lean muscles and strength. While this is a popular protein, no one really knows what this supplement has to offer. That is why in …

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