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A Shopping Guide on Kettlebells

A kettlebell is a hand-held cast-iron or cast steel weighted fitness tool. It is used to perform ballistic exercises and flexibility training. A regular one-pood kettlebell features a round, solid iron or steel bottom and a curved handle on the top for better grip. Because it is versatile, you can use kettlebells to perform various exercises and target almost all …

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Sushi Nutrition Guide: Calories, Healthy Options, and Nutritional Information

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy made from vinegared sushi rice, raw or cooked seafood, and wasabi. Sushi can be wrapped with a nori or just hand-rolled and sliced. The preparation of sushi differs from type to type. The portions, ingredients, and flavorings could contribute to the nutritional value of this well-loved delicacy. For basic reference, we are listing down the …

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Buying Guide and Practical Tips to Getting the Right Wig

Regardless of your reasons for getting one, there are factors to consider before buying a wig. And in today’s post, we are giving you tips and tricks to get the right wig that suits your face shape and natural coloring: Shopping by Cut and Style Wigs come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in length and texture. When shopping …

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A Buying Guide on Beard Trimmer

For men, facial hair grooming is a work of art. And to achieve the best results, you want to work with the right tools. Unlike regular razors, beard trimmers offer more control and precision. You can adjust the unit’s length setting to style and groom the beard from the jawline to the neck. However, beard trimmers come in all shapes …

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A Basic Guide on TRX Workout

TRX is an exercise program developed by Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. The TRX started out as Hetrick’s personal workout routine. He developed it to achieve optimum physical fitness while away on missions. TRX is based on a suspension training system. The exercises are done using a belt and a surplus parachute webbing. The belt and wedding are manipulated using the …

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Minimizer Bra Shopping Guide

Contrary to popular belief, having big breasts isn’t all that. Big breasts put a lot of strain on the back. Some women struggle to find flattering clothing to complement their full breasts. And yes, there are cases when big-breasted women will try to hide their “assets.” The right undergarments count when you want to achieve a seamless silhouette. For big-breasted …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hair Extensions and Weaves

Whether you love trying out a different look or you just want to add volume to your hair, hair extensions and weaves will give you amazing results! Hair extensions are layers of hair in various lengths and widths. They are used to add more length or body to the hair. They are also used to create various looks. The extension …

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Your Guide to Boxing: Basics, Benefits and Heavy Bag Training

Boxing isn’t all about brawling or knocking someone over ringside. The enormous efforts put in perfecting the footwork and punch combinations make boxing a physically and mentally challenging sport. And it’s no secret that boxing burns a lot of calories. It also keeps the body toned and powerful. New to boxing? In today’s post, we are giving you tips and …

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A Skinny Guy’s Guide to Bodybuilding

While most people worry about being soft around the middle, skinny men tend to struggle with increasing muscle mass. Skinny people tend to have very lean muscles, smaller bones and very little body fat. As such, naturally lanky men have to play by different rules to sculpt their bodies. And most times, the plan isn’t focused on training at all …

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