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10 Foods You Should Avoid Now If You Have Headaches Everyday

Mondays are terrible, but so are headaches. Whether you’re doing house chores, busying yourself with work, or studying for an exam, a headache can get in the way. Pain interferes with productivity. It can slow you down or prevent you from accomplishing tasks. If you have headaches everyday, here are 10 foods you should avoid now. 1. Ice cream Brain …

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Caffeine Withdrawals: Coping with Caffeine Headaches and Other Symptoms

Caffeine is a type of stimulant usually found in coffee seeds. It’s the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Most beverages with caffeine help relieve or prevent drowsiness, boost energy, and improve mental alertness. But too much of the stuff and it will cause tremors, palpitation, and disrupted sleep. If you cannot start your day without a hot cup of …

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