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Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Yoga is a type of practice and philosophy that unites the mind, body and spirit. This practice was developed in India, but it was perceived as a branch of Tantrism. But in the west, yoga is a physical exercise that increases strength and flexibility. Although yoga is not typically associated with weight loss, some health experts believe that it can …

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5 Reasons Why Tuscan Foods are Healthier, Kinder on the Waistline

It’s not surprising that Tuscan cuisine is one of the healthiest, most diet-friendly cooking in the world. Tuscan cuisine utilizes the best meats, vegetables, and fruits. Combined with cooking techniques passed down from generation to generation, Tuscan foods offer complex flavors and depth that are truly unique in every way! But what makes classic Tuscan dishes so healthy and flavorful? …

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7 Strong Tips to Avoid Using Salt

Ah yes, we all love tasty food and to make tasty food good, salt is added. No wonder there are a lot of companies who pack their products with salt in order to preserve them. Yes, salt is used everywhere and on anything these days but using too much salt can affect our body. So how bad are those tiny …

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