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Two Spices That Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease in Diabetics

Heart disease in diabetics is a growing problem. As cases of type 2 diabetes continues to escalate from lack of exercise, poor eating habits and obesity – so do the complications of diabetes, especially heart disease. It takes good eating habits, physical activity and adequate blood sugar control to lower the risk of heart disease in diabetics, but two common …

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Can’t Get to the Gym? Try These 4 Home Cardio Workouts

Think you have to go to the gym to get your heart rate up and burn some fat? Not so. When you can’t get to the gym, you can still get a cardiovascular workout at home with almost no equipment. When you do a cardio workout at home or at the gym, intensity is more important than how long you …

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Is Butter or Margarine Healthier?

No one wants to eat a dry piece of toast – but there’s a lot of confusion as to what’s best to put on it. Is butter or margarine healthier – and which should you choose? Which is Better Butter or Margarine? Neither choice is ideal. Both contain ingredients that aren’t part of a heart-healthy diet. On the other hand, …

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Resistant Exercise to Lower Cholesterol?

Exercise has many heart-healthy benefits. One way it reduces the risk of heart disease is by lowering LDL cholesterol and raising levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. Most people think you only get the heart-healthy benefits of exercise by doing aerobic exercise. Not so. Resistance exercise to lower cholesterol helps too. When you do a weight-training or strength workout, you’re …

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