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Tips and Tricks for a Low-Calorie, Skinny Chocolate Milkshake

Milk and chocolate shakes are notoriously high in calories because they are packed with fat, sugars and other fattening ingredients. But don’t fret! You can create delicious but healthy milkshakes right at home. To make your drink low in calories, you can substitute fattening ingredients with healthy ones. Below are tips and tricks to whip up a skinny milk or …

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The Health Benefits of Rosemary Herb and Tea

Rosemary is a popular herb used in home remedies and in cooking. This perennial evergreen is prized for its woodsy fragrance and subtle flavors. Rosemary is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, partly because this is where the herb originated from. The leaves are popular as ingredients in stuffing and flavorings in roast meats. The fragrance does more than add flavor …

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