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5 DIY Exfoliating Masks for Smooth, Glowing Skin!

Got flaky, lackluster skin? You need a good exfoliating mask, stat! But don’t run to the nearest beauty counter. You can make your own exfoliating mask and save more money! Unlike a face scrub, an exfoliating mask is milder, kinder on the skin! In today’s post, we are giving you exfoliating mask recipes to try at home: Honey and Baking …

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5 Natural Remedies for Extremely Dry Skin

Got flaky, alligator skin? Sounds like your skin needs lots of TLC, stat! Dry skin usually occurs during extremely cold climate. The cold air sucks the moisture right out of the skin. But some people are prone to dry skin regardless of the climate. Poor diet, genetics, and aging are factors that could also contribute to dry skin. Unfortunately, hydrating …

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Add These Affordable Superfoods to Your Fave Smoothies

Superfoods are a special class of foods that yield concentrated nutrients. Adding these ingredients to your smoothie will boost the drink’s nutritional value. Contrary to popular belief, not all superfoods are expensive. In fact, there are superfoods that are affordable and in season all year long. In today’s post, we are listing down the most affordable superfoods to add to …

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12 Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in the Refrigerator

The fridge is the belly of any home. Here you get to store food and extend their shelf life, keep a tub of ice cream from melting, grab cold bottles of beer, and prevent leftovers from spoiling. You can even use it to prepare food like marinating meat overnight or chilling sorbets before serving. There’s so much that a fridge …

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Making Your Favorite Tea More Delicious With These Add-Ins

In itself, an herbal tea is a nutritious, refreshing drink. But certain ingredients can enhance the flavor of your favorite tea. In today’s post, we are listing down great ingredients that will certainly make your favorite tea a real knockout! Organic Honey Let’s face it, some people are not accustomed to taking tea on its own. If you want to …

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The Surprising Healing Power and Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

We all know regular honey is packed with amazing health benefits and powerful healing properties but Manuka honey delivers even better benefits to the body! Regular honey contains anti-bacterial properties that help fight infections, repair cell damage, and boost the immune system. Honey also has inflammatory properties that protect the body from pain and inflammation. However, not all types of …

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Effective Natural Home Treatments for a Cough

Not too long ago, the most common response to a persistent cough was a trip to the cough syrup aisle at the drug store. Now, with concerns about these drugs on the rise, natural home treatments are highly sought. Fortunately, home treatment for coughing is generally considered both safe and effective, a far cry from the reputation earned by cough …

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Fat Burning Foods You should Include in Your Diet

For an effective weight loss, you need to include the right type of foods to your diet. Healthy foods which have weight loss properties help to burn the excess fat that’s stored in the body. These fat burning foods can help you lose weight and shed excess body fat. So plan your next meals using some of those foods for weight loss that help rev up your fat …

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How to Stop a Dry Cough

It happens when you’re in an important meeting and everyone turns to stare. That nagging, irritating dry cough draws everyone’s attention to your plight as you continue to disrupt the meeting with your coughing frenzy. Fortunately, there are some simple, all natural remedies that will help to stop a dry cough and take the scrutiny off of you. What causes …

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