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Breathing Life Back to Severely Dry, Damaged Hair using Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a colorless, odorless viscous compound derived from coconut, palm or soy. This compound is often used in beauty products, particularly skin and hair care products because it is hydrating and nourishing. Glycerin is a humectant. It has the uncanny ability to attract moisture and seal it in, providing lasting moisture to the cells. Glycerin also facilitates proper …

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Beauty Tips for Fabulously Soft, Pink Lips

When it comes to beauty products, lip care choices are often limited to lip balms and lip scrubs. But there are creative ways to keep the lips plush, full and pink without spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products! Even better, you can do these lip care techniques in the comfort of your own home: Hydrating the Lips Hydration is …

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The Beauty and Curative Benefits of Chocolate Massage

A chocolate massage is one of the best ways to harness the curative and beautifying effects of cocoa! A chocolate massage involves a mix of cocoa-based oils and rubs to massage the body and detox the skin. And if you’re wondering what amazing benefits you can get from a chocolate massage then continue reading below: Smoother, Firmer Skin How would …

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