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Side Stitch: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Side stitch – also known as Exercise-Related Transient Abdominal Pain or ETAP – is a type of muscle spasm that occurs on the side of the midsection. ETAP usually occurs during extreme physical movement, such as exercising, running or engaging in sports. Runners are particularly vulnerable to side stitches. While ETAP is not considered as a sports injury, more than …

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6 Ways Green Tea Promotes Weight Loss

It’s no secret that green tea promotes weight loss, but how exactly can it manage your weight? In today’s post, we are breaking down ways green tea helps you lose weight: 1. Breaks Down Fat Green tea contains a group of compounds that helps the body metabolize fats. These compounds include caffeine and catechins-polyphenols. Together, catechins-polyphenols and caffeine trigger the …

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The Beauty Benefits of Body Butter

Body butter is type a nourishing moisturizer that provides long-lasting hydration to the skin. Unlike body lotion, body butter has a distinctive whipped texture. If you think body butter is the same as your average lotion, you’re wrong. The Difference between Body Butter and Body Lotion Body lotion and butter work the same way, they hydrate the skin. The difference …

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Healthiest Flavored Water

Hydration is one of the most crucial elements that make up a healthy body. And it’s not surprising that beverage companies are always looking for ways to monetize this fact.  Most supermarkets offer different types of alternative to plain ol’ water – the most popular being, flavored water. Flavored water seems like a healthier replacement for water. But it is …

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The Importance of Exfoliation in Skin Care

You might have your regular skin care (cleanse-tone-moisturize) routine down pat but if you don’t exfoliate, your skin isn’t as healthy as it should be. Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Sloughing off dead skin cells can be done chemically or mechanically. If done chemically, special kinds of fruit …

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Green Juice: The Benefits of Juicing Vegetables

Juicing is an excellent method to form a healthy eating habit. For those who aren’t big vegetable eaters, juicing is also a fun, easy way to boost your diet. You can prepare juiced veggies in different ways to improve your health and well-being. You can also maintain your weight or lose more through juicing! Still not convinced? Check out five …

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Proven Strategies for Losing Cellulite

Cellulites don’t discriminate. They appear on girls even in their teen years or younger. Cellulites are simply fats that look lumpy because it pushes against the connective tissues. Because of this, the legs and thighs look puckered. They also appear more in women than men. Cellulites can be caused by a lot of things. It could be due to poor …

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