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The Importance of Proper Nutrition in Sports

Good nutrition is important, especially among professional athletes. Any type of sports put immense stress on the body. The demands of any physical activity cannot be met without ramping up your diet. In a day, an average person has to consume 2,000 to 5,000 calories, depending on the gender and level of activities. An athlete requires more calories per day …

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Why is Breakfast so Important for Weight Loss?

Multiple studies show that individuals who never miss breakfast are at least 30 pounds lighter than individuals who do not take breakfast at all. A University of Florida study also found that children who eat breakfast every morning generally consume fewer calories throughout the day compared to kids who did not eat breakfast at all. So what makes breakfast such …

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The Importance of Fitness to Corporate Workforce

A fit, healthy body is important especially for those who lead an active lifestyle. But for employees who spend most of their day chained to their desk, finding the time to exercise is challenging. This is why most companies offer free gym memberships or have an in-house gym to motivate workers to stay fit. But what are the benefits of …

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The Importance of Packaging in Beauty Products

Did you know that the most expensive ingredient in drugstore makeup and skin care is not some youth-restoring peptide or exotic plant extract but the packaging? Although skin care manufacturers spend millions of dollars on extracting skin-friendly nutrients out of herbs, plants, grains, and nuts, the total cost of the formula only makes about 1% of the product’s market value. …

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Facts About Flexibility and Fitness

Did you know that physically active individuals tend to be more flexible than those who live a sedentary lifestyle? A person who’s inactive tends to have weaker, less flexible muscles. And when you don’t exercise regularly, the muscles lose flexibility and size even further! Apart from boosting muscle strength and mobility, flexibility also builds core strength. Curious about the link …

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The Importance of Essential Fats in a Healthy Diet

Contrary to popular belief, not all types of fats are bad for the health. A selected few are known to promote brain development, fight inflammation and even prevent cancer! Fats – the good, unsaturated kinds – are an integral part of the human diet. It’s unwise to eliminate beneficial fats in your diet. In today’s post, we are listing down …

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Importance of Washing Your Face Twice Daily

Clear, pimple-free skin is easy to achieve as long as you adopt the right skin care routine. And the foundation of any skin care routine is a clean face. We all know that sleeping with your makeup on will wreck havoc on the skin! Makeup will clog the pores, cause breakouts and speed up aging! Cleansing your face twice daily …

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Is Whey Protein Important in Weight Loss For Women?

Most people typically associate protein drinks with male bodybuilders. After all, most protein drinks contain amino acids, the building blocks of protein. But the idea of drinks enriched whey protein being exclusive to men is a myth. Anyone, regardless of gender, can take whey protein to boost their progress. Women will not bulk up from taking whey protein because they …

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