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Why Use Free Weights in Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, you can either opt for free weights or use machines to tone and strengthen the muscles. However, most fitness experts agree that free weights are superior to fitness machines because the former promote proper form and reduce workout time. Free weights also isolate the muscles better for a more intense workout. So what other …

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When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

Say you’ve been working intensely for the past hour and suddenly, you pull a muscle. Do you see a sports doctor right away or should you tough it out? A sports medicine specialist is a doctor that specializes in healing all types of sports injuries. The physician focuses on the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports and physical activity. A …

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The Disadvantages of High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT

High-intensity interval training or HIIT refers to a type of workout program that incorporates short intervals of cardio, resistance and strength training exercise into one regimen. These exercises are performed alternately into a single session to increase endurance, stamina as well as to achieve definition. HIIT is extremely popular among those who want to improve their stamina, coordination, speed, and …

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